Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Edina stereotypes

When one thinks about Edina, i know that some stereotypes will come to their minds like rich cake eaters who get whatever they want. Yes, some people would fit that description, but many do not. If you would look around our school and get to know a few people, you would soon find out that not everyone fits the label given to them. They are simply given that label becasuse of where they go, not for the person they are. The stereotypes will not just go away overnight, but people should be aware that Edina students are more than they get credit for. They are friendly, smart, and studious people who are all under the same label.


Mr. Hatten said...

Kelsey: Your blog font makes your posts a little difficult to read. It's simple to change, so you might want to give that a try. Tell me more about what kids at Edina are really like. All you told me was how there's a stereotype, but not how kids don't exactly fit the stereotype.

Nice job getting the blog up and running. Have fun with it.

Sarah J said...

Kelsey, thats a really true, i agree with your post on the stereotypes! People shouldn't just lable us as spoiled. I loved your insight!

kelsey h's journalism blog said...

Kels: You are totally right about the "cake-eater" sterotypes. It's dumb that people who don't even know us judge us so much. It's even hard to wear an Edina sweatshirt outside of our community! Hopefully even though there are sterotypes, you are proud to live in Edina.
Nice job girl!