Sunday, September 23, 2007

to be a successful reporter

The most important aspect of being a reporter is to be courageous. A reporter has to be able to go up to people they dont know and start a conversation or interview them. That is the only way to get all the information a reporter would need for their story. Courage is also the main part of being a successful reporter. You need to have the guts to make a mistake or take a risk because those are the reporters that will end up on top. People are interested, and they will continue to read if there is a risky story. A reporter also needs courage to be the best at what they do. If a reporter doesnt believe that they are the best, who else will? A reporter needs that courage to take critisism for there stories, and to continue writing them. Jon Franklin, a reporter said, "..Courage to stand corrected. Courage to take criticism. Courage to grow with your experiences. Courage to accept what you don't understand. Most of all, courage to see what is there and not what you want to think is there." Courage is the most important trait for a reporter to have because it has to do with the other major traits that a reporter must be such as quick, curious, smart, pleasant, and honest. Without courage, a reporter cant have any of these traits, and without these traits, a reporter cannot be successful.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Edina stereotypes

When one thinks about Edina, i know that some stereotypes will come to their minds like rich cake eaters who get whatever they want. Yes, some people would fit that description, but many do not. If you would look around our school and get to know a few people, you would soon find out that not everyone fits the label given to them. They are simply given that label becasuse of where they go, not for the person they are. The stereotypes will not just go away overnight, but people should be aware that Edina students are more than they get credit for. They are friendly, smart, and studious people who are all under the same label.

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